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"Of all the places I've visited, Home is my favorite."

Sterling Harper was founded to help foster more connection between our inner selves and the places we come home to every day.

After spending six years as an accountant, founder Lindsay Williamson decided to take a break from corporate life to explore her interests – namely an insatiable love for all things design – and was drawn to Denmark for its reputation of having the “happiest people on earth.” Her time in Copenhagen inspired her to create Sterling Harper to help others foster more connection between their inner selves and the places they come home to every day.

At Sterling Harper, we set out to accomplish this by carefully curating our offerings with pieces that can be woven into your life to further tell your story. The aesthetic of Sterling Harper reflects Danish quality and smart design, as well as our founder’s laid-back California roots.

We started in Brooklyn, NY in 2019 and now call Jacksonville, Florida home.

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Values We Live By

Your Home is a Sanctuary

We all know the feeling of finally getting home after a long day at work. The minute we set our heavy work bags down, kick off our shoes, and give our loved ones a hug is hands down one of the best feelings of the day. As such, your home should make it easier, if not unavoidable, to remember the things that really matter. 

Connection in Curation

When we remove the excess and ordinary, when we release that which no longer serves us, we free ourselves up to spend time and energy on the things that mean the most to us. When we get really intentional about what we bring into our most personal sanctuary, our homes become beautiful and functional places that encourage connection and relaxation.

Your Purchases are Power

Disposable items last barely longer than the temporary satisfaction they bring when we push the “buy now” button. When we value good design and quality, a little goes a long way. At Sterling Harper, we strive to use our purchasing power to create less clutter and more of what we want to see in the world.

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